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The mission of our Training Center staff is to help you attain the best version of you. We pride ourselves in attention to technical details in movement performance, and specialize in functional and sport specific programming. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our expertise in the rehabilitation industry, injury prevention, proper exercise technique, and education.

For Sports groups or achieving your personal goals

Boston North Fitness Center


Sports Team Training/Group Training

Whether in season or off, let us maximize your team's potential. Agility, speed, endurance, strength, and flexibility, all incorporated into a Sport Specific Program for your athletes to achieve their personal best. Great for team building, comradery, and gaining that competitive edge your team needs to succeed!!

FREE injury screenings available for athletes!  Our training department is overseen by licensed Physical Therapists with years of experience in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.  Let us help screen your athlete to determine how to get back in the game!  Call our Training Center to set up a FREE screening @ 978-777-7371.

We also specialize in shoulder screenings to all throwing athletes, as well as tennis players.  Have an issue with your shoulder or elbow?  Set up your FREE screening for advise.  Screenings take 20 minutes and will provide you with objective data to help analyze your status.  This is a great tool to utilize in the off season to determine the best way to prepare for the season ahead! 

Sports Specific Training Programs

  • Sports Conditioning/Agility for all sports
  • Baseball Conditioning and rotator cuff training/injury prevention
  • FREE shoulder screenings with measurable stats reviewed, by appointment only
  • Soccer Specific speed, agility and conditioning
  • Basketball Specific training with ACL prevention conditioning
  • Wrestling Specific drills and conditioning

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Private Training for Athletes

One-on-one training for athletes. Sessions scheduled by appointment only. Programming designed with sport-specific needs and injury prevention techniques. Targets specific player goals through agility exercises, plyometric training, speed work, strengthening/conditioning and flexibility. Recovering from an injury?....We can help get you back on track to competition!

Youth Sports Conditioning

Wrestling Conditioning Program

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"Anthony had a good wrestling season last year as an eighth grader wrestling at the high school level. His skill set was pretty good, but he was wrestling older, stronger kids that at times he just did not have the strength to compete with. Over the Summer and Fall Anthony worked with Jeff at Boston North Training Center and added the strength he needed to compete at a high level in High School wrestling as a freshman. He just won his first League tournament and it was it was in overtime. I am confident it was the added strength that made the difference. Jeff’s PT background is a great help as he designs the workouts to insure the kids are gaining in the right way. Injury prevention in addition to strengthening muscles has worked well for Anthony. We are looking forward to continued success and health as Anthony grows and competes through high school and beyond."

Steve Ostrander


"My son Tre has been doing small group personal training specific to wrestling with Jeff at Boston North Fitness Center for the last 6 months and what a difference. Tre’s strength and conditioning has improved immensely. Last year his record was 17-16. This year he is currently 25-2 largely in part to the extra work he has been getting in with Jeff. I would strongly encourage Boston North Fitness small group training to athletes in any sport. If you’re looking to increase strength and stamina, get in to see the team at Boston North Fitness."

Alan Aulson Jr.


"Our River Rival wrestlers are engaged in group training sessions with Jeff Kamuda at Boston North.
Strength training and conditioning are necessary complements to live mat wrestling for our guys to gain the physical competitive edge and a big confidence edge over wrestling opponents.

Boston North’s wrestling training design challenges the wrestler to gain power and speed in the movements that are used on the mat to score. Examples of the approach include using cable pulleys for resistance training a simulated ankle pick, free weights used in the stand-up motion, bands utilized to power through a bridge, harnesses to drive through a drop step, one arm sled drags to strengthen those wrists and forearms, and medicine balls to execute the head snap. The movement specific exercises are combined with core strength and conditioning work in an integrated, continuous reps and sets pattern.

The proof is in the results. Six months in and these boys are becoming Varsity Starters and Tournament Champions."

Stan Watson
River Rival Wrestling




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